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AmiBroker 6.35 Crack with Full Torrent Free Download 2021

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AmiBroker Crack 6.35 with Full Torrent Free Download {2021}

AmiBroker Crack


AmiBroker Crack is a powerful platform for developing technical analysis and negotiation systems with advanced real-time graphics, reverse test/optimisation portfolio and scanning capabilities. It provides a robust system development environment capable of finding market inefficiencies, coding systems and validating them with robust statistical methods, including shipping and simulation tests from Monte Carlo. Using the automated trading interface, the program allows you to work directly from graphics or programming. AmiBroker latest version with crack provides everything you need to succeed in trading.

AmiBroker Crack Free Download provides everything you need to succeed in trading. Check out our quick tour of features to see what this powerful bundle includes. The professional version comes with advanced testing and optimisation of a new real-time analysis system. End date and the current time. All tic/sec/minute intervals during the day, the real-time quote window contains universal symbols. Time in global sales and tokens. Includes stats for MAE / MFE. Each window analyzes up to 32 matching strings. Besides, it has a user-defined graphical user interface, integrated batch processing, dozens of new AFL functions, visual debugger, file search, bookmarks, advanced matrix support, etc.

AmiBroker 6.35 Test

In simpler terms, Amibroker crack is a complete professional analysis tool and technical charts that operators can use to analyze the market and prepare retest charts and trading strategies.

Before deciding to purchase your license, you can use the trial version and get an idea of the program.

Next, if you still want to use it, you must purchase the license that you can use while downloading and installing the software. All versions: professional, final and ultimate package available for installation. The latest version is

AmiBroker Crack with Full Torrent Free Download


Key Features of AmiBroker 6.35 Crack :

Here is a quick look at some of the features that this trading platform provides:

Analysis window:

  • Here you can see clipboard, progress tests, bounce tests, scans, improvements, explorations, Monte Carlo simulations, etc. It shows everything.

Exploration / Market Exploration:

  • It is a multipurpose tool to extract/explore data that provides programmable results with unlimited columns and rows.


  • The Amibroker Graphics feature includes many integrated indicators, several time frames (you can choose one that suits your needs), drag and drop indicators, customizable parameters, object-oriented drawing tool, and new creative capabilities. Objects, etc. You can use sliders, etc. to modify settings in real-time and you can also customize them in different gradients and styles.

A database of symbols and quotes:

  • Amibroker has a database of unlimited citations and symbols. You can filter data based on different criteria. It also collects and stores historical data related to the business account.

Amibroker Formula Language (AFL):

  • It is a unique feature of this platform that allows you to create your custom indicators, and you can modify the trading system and reports. With this formula language, you can write your technical analysis formats. To do this, you can use up to 200 AFL functions.


  • You can define your own buying/selling rules. This detection function then scans the database and obtains codes that match its standards. Then, Amibroker immediately prepares a report to show if any purchase/sale was made to the mentioned symbol in a specific period.


  • Amibroker tests your business strategy and gives you an idea of ​​the performance of your business account.

Classification and Registration:

  • This is a classification procedure according to the user’s score to find a suitable process.


  • Provides free quotes available on the market. It’s the general budget downloader. Get current and historical data, EOD quote data, fundamental data, daily trading data, etc. From other financial sites.


  • IBController is the parallel automated trading interface useful for interactive brokers. You can contact other brokers through an IBController plugin.


  • Allows Amibroker to send email notifications to the SMTP server when necessary.
    Built-in debugger: analyzes its formula and corrects it before implementing it.

Code Editor:

  • The code editor comes with suggestions for calling parameters, highlighting syntax, collapsing code, automatic indentation, reporting errors online, etc. If you find an error, a meaningful message alerts you immediately.

Multiple threads:

  • Amibroker assigns different threads to each graphics viewer and each formula box.
    Monte Carlo Simulation: Use the backtest data to validate trading strategy and simulate stock curves.

Progress testing:

  • Progress testing is to verify the strength of your trading system by testing samples before and after optimization.

AmiBroker Crack with Full Torrent Free Download


  Format: APK
  Size: 11 MB

Latest Features:

  • The world’s best tool for managing income or business details.
  • 3D optimization graphics.
  • Easy to understand operations or formula editor.
  • Thousands of people use it.
  • Also very powerful and easy to use.
  • Famous in this world.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or higher.
  • Operating system: Windows and macOS X.
  • RAM: 4 GB minimum RAM.
  • Free disk space: 500MB and more.

How to install AmiBroker 6.35?

  • First, download the beta version of AmiBroker.
  • Next, download Crack From Bellow.
  • Run the install and install AmiBroker.
  • Then use AmiBroker Crack.
  • Click on the active button.
  • Close the program.
  • End up enjoying the full version of AmiBroker.

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